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Rare Sports Cards & Collectibles

With more than a million sports cards from various sports and protective cases to store memorabilia in, Steve's Baseball Cards in Teaneck, New Jersey, is your collector's headquarters. Our large inventory of well organized baseball cards, sports collectibles, and even non-sports cards is available at reasonable prices.

Full Sets, Individual Cards, & Protective Storage:

The cards come in boxes, packs, complete sets, team sets and even individual cards with your favorite players. We also carry yearbooks, magazines, and media guides that make great gifts. Our extensive inventory includes, but is not limited to:
• Ultra-Pro 1, 2, 4, 6, & 8-Pocket Pages for Magazines &
Odd-Sized Cards
• 4-Screw Holders, 1-Screw Holders, & Magnetic Holders
• Display Cases for Baseballs, Footballs, & Basketballs
• Top-Loaders for Regular & Thicker Cards
• Pennant Holders
• Bat Tubes
• Ultra-Pro Albums for Baseball, Football, Basketball, &
Hockey Cards
• Cardboard & Plastic Storage Boxes in Many Sizes
• Full Line of Beckett Price Guides (Bi-Monthly & Annual)
• Ultra-Pro 9-Pocket Pages
• Soft Sleeves
When our customers are looking for that special gift they know we have binders loaded up with items they are looking for. In addition to the cards, they can find Programs from the Super Bowl or World Series they loved! Our memorabilia is displayed in binders, well organized boxes and neatly viewable display cases!

Buy the card you want and gett he sleeves to protect your collection in our one-stop shop!

Inventory can be found from anytime within the 20th century and includes even the most recent options. From Mickey mantle to Lebron James come to us for the items you want!
Baseball Cards
Nationwide Coverage:
If you are looking for an autograph or a specific card to complete your set, there is a good chance that we have it in stock! We have all of the bases covered with cards and memorabilia from nationwide teams and regional favorites such as:
• Yankees
• Rangers
• Devils
• Knicks
• Giants
• Mets
• Nets
• Jets
If you have any questions about our wide-ranging inventory or cards and collectibles, contact us today.